Welcome to Ihya Publishing

Ihya Publishing aims to provide high-quality, traditional, and sound Islamically centered books within the English speaking world.

Who we are?

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) independent publishing house that publishes traditional Islamic texts that speak to the heart, mind, and soul of Muslims.

What do we do?

We accomplish this by publishing texts from our wealthy tradition, and by encouraging writers to embark on projects to author new books and texts that address the needs of Muslims in the English language.

Why do we do it?

Many Muslims today are in desperate need of literature that speaks to their lived reality. The goal of Ihya is to give life to the tradition in a world that needs it, thus our name in the Arabic language derives it’s meaning from the word, “Life.”

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We believe that what the world needs now more than ever are good stories and literature to enrich the hearts and give life to the souls.